Eoin Greally


Eoin Greally


  • Co-judge
  • Fashion designer

Years active


Eye color

Brown (doll)

Hair color

Dark brown (doll)

Voiced by



Mr Eoin1000

Eoin Greally was one of the judges in the judging panel for cycles 3 and 3.5 of Bratz Next Top Model . He was voiced by MrEoin1000.

Eoin also enjoyed taking photos of Bratz dolls to enter into competitions created by others.

Cycle 3Edit

Main article: Cycle 3

Eoin joined the judging panel in Cycle 3 after the original co-judge, Sasha left. He was also joined by Brittney Layne.

Cycle 3.5Edit

Main article: Cycle 3.5

Greally will continued to co-judge the first and only episode of Cycle 3.5. He was represented by a MyScene "Jammin' in Jamaica: Cruisin' the Boardwalk" River doll.

Eoin Greally in Cycle 3.5.

After Bratz Next Top Model Edit

Eoin continued to take photos until he left the community in 2013/4.