Brittney Layne


Brittney Layne


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Eye color

Blue (doll)

Hair color

Blond (doll)

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Brittney Layne was one of the judges on the judging panel for Cycles 3 and 3.5 of Bratz Next Top Model. She was voiced by BratzGlitzProduction.

Cycle 3Edit

Main article: Cycle 3

Brittney Layne joined the judging panel during Cycle 3, alongside Eoin Greally. She was originally the contestant Jane Johnson, until she quit in Episode 5.

Cycle 3.5Edit

Main article: Cycle 3.5

Brittney Layne joined the judging panel in Cycle 3.5 before its cancellation. She was represented by a Barbie Princess Annaliese doll.

This is how Brittney Layne appeared in Cycle 3.5.


  • Brittney's real name is Haley.

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