Bratz Next Top Model Cycle 3, which premiered on May 6th, 2012, is the third season of Bratz Next Top Model hosted by MizzLotte98, which aims to find the next top doll model. The cycle's catch-phrase was "Welcome to the dark side."

This season featured a cast of 13 contestants, and was the first to only accept Bratz dolls in the competition. The winner won a contract with ECLIPSE Models, a fashion spread within Fierce! Magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with BratzGirl Cosmetics. The destination for this cycle was Bucharest, Romania.

This was the first Cycle to have a specific theme for the whole Cycle, which was "dark & creepy".

The winner was eighteen-year-old Tai Rolle .


Casting Week

First aired on May 6, 2012

Fadeout final 13

The final 13 models in Cycle 3

The thirteen finalists were introduced, and the first theme was

announced: "The Alices of Wonderland".

The Alices of Wonderland

First aired on May 13, 2012

The thirteen models each portrayed the character Alice from the Alice In Wonderland story. Only nine girls sent their photos in, with Lea, Piper and Alison not sending them in without reason. Jade was excused from doing her photo due to personal reasons. Elliot won top photo, but Lea was sent home due to being the weakest out of the girls who did not do their photos for this week. The second photo shoot was also revealed; "Living Dead Souls".

  • First call-out: Elliot Sanders
  • Bottom three: Lea Star, Piper Roseroot & Alison Reed
  • Eliminated: Lea Star

Living Dead Souls

First aired on May 20, 2012

The remaining 12 models each portrayed ghosts, or spirits, in their photos. They were all encouraged to use their editing skills to their advantage as they had to completely whiten their eyes and pale their skin. The photos were intended to be creepy. Elliot won top photo again, but Piper and Alison were in the bottom two. The two girls were automatically eliminated because this was the second week they had not sent their photos in. The next photo shoot was revealed; "Monsters".

  • First call-out: Elliot Sanders
  • Bottom two: Piper Roseroot & Alison Reed
  • Eliminated: Piper Roseroot & Alison Reed


First aired on May 27, 2012

The remaining 10 models each portrayed different monsters in their photos. The monsters were intended to be evil or scary.

Model Monster
Elliot Spider Monster
Anna Evil Genie
Talia Dragon
Celeste Mummy
Jasmine Siren/Evil Mermaid
Jane Demon
Tai Cyclops
Destiny Zombie
Amelia Frankenstein's Monster
Jade Werewolf

Elliot won top photo yet again, but Jade and Jane did not send their photos in. Amelia was excused. There was no bottom two this week. Jade was eliminated because she had no reason not to send her photo in for the second week running. The girls had an extended deadline, and were told their next two photo shoots: "Black Veiled Brides" and "'Til Death Do Us Part". In this episode, it was announced that Sasha would no longer co-judge.

  • First call-out: Elliot Sanders
  • Eliminated: Jade West

The Death of the Black Veiled Brides (Parts 1 & 2)

First aired on June 17, 2012

This episode was split into two parts. The models did two photo shoots; "Black Veiled Brides" and "'Til Death Do Us Part". Black Veiled Brides was based upon the rock band, Black Veil Brides, and the girls had to be dressed in gothic wedding attire. For 'Til Death Do Us Part, the girls were each assigned different deaths to portray.

Model Monster
Elliot Stolen Organs
Anna Shot
Tai Pushed from a great height
Talia Decapitated
Destiny Poisoned
Celeste Stabbed
Jasmine Drowned
Jane Strangled
Amelia Electrocuted

Photo placement was done based on both photos the girls did. Jasmine didn't complete her second photo, but her Black Veiled Brides photo managed to save her from being bottom. Jane quit the competition in this episode, and so there was no elimination.

  • First call-out: Anna Follet
  • Quit: Jane Johnson

At Dusk

First aired on June 24, 2012

In this episode the models had to be vampires in their photos. The idea was to be classy and gothic. This was also the first episode that MrEoin1000 and Brittney Layne judged photos. Celeste won top photo for being "the most creative" and Jasmine and Destiny were in the bottom two due to not sending their photos in. Although this was the second time Jasmine had not sent her photo in, she did not go home. MizzLotte98 thought that she had more potential than Destiny, and so it was Destiny who went home. The next photo shoot was revealed: "Rock Band Fans".

  • First call-out: Celeste Briar
  • Bottom two: Destiny Montez & Jasmine Reed
  • Eliminated: Destiny Montez

The Obessed Rock Band Fans

First aired on July 8th 2012

In this episode the girls were each assigned different bands that they had to be the crazy, obsessed fans of. This episode was unique compared to all of the others throughout the series, as it was the first episode when MizzLotte98 did not speak. Instead, words on screen were used. This was because MizzLotte98 was feeling too ill to speak.

Model Rock Band
Celeste Falling in Reverse
Elliot Green Day
Anna Paramore
Talia The Offspring
Tai You Me At Six
Amelia AC/DC
Jasmine Kiss

Celeste and Talia were excused from this photo shoot. Anna was awarded top photo for her portrayal of Paramore, and Jasmine and Amelia were in the bottom two. In the end, Amelia went home due to consistently delivering weak photos. The next theme was revealed: "Evil Villains".

  • ​First call-out: Anna Follet
  • Bottom two: Amelia Jensen & Jasmine Reed
  • Eliminated: Amelia Jensen

Evil Villains

First aired on July 15th, 2012

In this episode the models were assigned six different villains from various stories to portray in their photos.

Model Villain
Anna The Black Swan (from Swan Lake)
Elliot Maleficent (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty)
Tai The Evil Queen (from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
Jasmine The Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz)
Celeste Poison Ivy (from Batman)
Talia Bellatrix Lestrange (from Harry Potter)

Elliot decided to quit the competition, and so there was no elimination this week. Anna was awarded top photo for the third time in the competition. The final five models also went onto their destination; Bucharest, Romania. The next theme was also announced; Break In.

  • First call-out: Anna Follet
  • Quit: Elliot Sanders

Break In

First aired on July 22nd, 2012

In this episode the models had to listen to the song "Break In" by the band Halestorm and interpret what the song meant to them in their photo. Only three models did their photo this week; Anna, Tai and Jasmine. Anna was awarded top photo yet again. Jasmine and Talia found themselves in the bottom two, but in the end it was Jasmine who went home due to consistently poor photos. The next theme was announced; Elements.

  • First call-out: Anna Follet
  • Bottom two: Jasmine Reed & Talia Monroe
  • Eliminated: Jasmine Reed

The Final 4

First aired on July 26, 2012

This was a special recap episode that also celebrated the one-year-anniversary of Bratz Next Top Model.


First aired on July 29, 2012

In this episode, the final four took place in a photo shoot based upon the elements. They were each assigned a different element to portray.

Model Element
Anna Air/Wind
Tai Fire
Celeste Water
Talia Earth

Anna won top photo for the fifth time, and Celeste and Talia were in the bottom two. Celeste went home due to the least potential. Brittney Layne also came up with a secondary slogan for the cycle: "You can't slack, or you'll pack."

  • First call-out: Anna Follet
  • Bottom two: Celeste Briar & Talia Monroe
  • Eliminated: Celeste Briar

The Finale (Parts 1 & 2)

First aired on August 13, 2012

The finale was split into two parts. Part 1 covered the final 3's photo shoot: a cosmetics campaign for BratzGirl Cosmetics. The models had to produce a photo for the company's new mascara. Tai won top photo for the first time, and Anna and Talia were in the bottom two. Talia was sent home due to her lack of commitment.

​Part 2 covered Anna and Tai's journey on the runway in Romania. They had to model 3 outfits: winter wear, lingerie and a casual everyday outfit. After a tense pause, the winner was announced. It was eighteen-year-old Tai Rolle.

  • Final 2: Anna Follet & Tai Rolle
  • Bratz Next Top Model: Tai Rolle


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Rank
Lea Star 19 Philadelphia, PA 13th
Alison Reed 17 Atlanta, GA 12th
Piper Roseroot 17 Death Valley, CA 12th
Jade West 19 Milwaukee, WI 10th
Jane Johnson 19 Beverly Hills, CA 9th
Destiny Montez 19 Paris, France 8th
Amelia Jensen 18 Cape Town, South Africa 7th
Elliot Sanders 18 Tomahawk, WI 6th
Jasmine Reed 18 Austin, TX 5th
Celeste Briar 19 Vancouver, Canada 4th
Talia Monroe 18 California 3rd
Anna Follet 19 New York, NY Runner-up
Tai Rolle 18 New York, NY Winner


Call-out order

MizzLotte98's Callout Order
Order Episodes
1234567891112 (Part 1)12 (Part 2)
1 AlisonElliotElliotElliotAnnaCelesteAnnaAnnaAnnaAnnaTaiTai
2 AmeliaTaliaAnnaAnnaElliotElliotElliotTaiTaiTaiAnnaAnna
3 AnnaJasmineTaliaTaiTaiAnnaTaiCelesteCelesteTaliaTalia
4 CelesteAnnaCelesteTaliaCelesteTaliaJasmineTaliaTaliaCeleste
5 DestinyAmeliaJasmineDestinyTaliaTaiCelesteJasmineJasmine
6 ElliotCelesteJaneCelesteJasmineAmeliaTaliaElliot
7 JadeTaiTaiJasmineAmeliaJasmineAmelia
8 JaneJaneDestinyJaneDestinyDestiny
9 JasmineDestinyAmeliaAmeliaJane
10 LeaAlisonJadeJade
11 PiperJadeAlison
12 TaiPiperPiper
13 Talia Lea

  • Violet = The contestant was eliminated
  • Lime green = The contestant won
  • Teal = The contestant quit the competition
  • Episode 1 was the introduction of the cast.
  • Episode 10 was a recap episode.

Photo Shoot Guide

  • Episode 2 Photo shoot: "The Alices of Wonderland"
  • Episode 3 Photo shoot: "Living Dead Souls"
  • Episode 4 Photo shoot: "Monsters"
  • Episode 5 Photo shoots: "Black Veiled Brides" & "'Til Death Do Us Part"
  • Episode 6 Photo shoot: "At Dusk"
  • Episode 7 Photo shoot: "Rock Band Fans"
  • Episode 8 Photo shoot: "Evil Villains"
  • Episode 9 Photo shoot: "Break In"
  • Episode 11 Photo shoot: "Elements"
  • Final 3 Photo shoot: "BratzGirl Cosmetics "
  • Final 2 Photo shoot: "Runway in Romania"


Other Crew Members


  • The judge Brittney Layne is the YouTube user BratzGlitzProduction, who was Jane Johnson in the competition until she quit.
  • MrEoin1000 is the first ever male crew member in the entire history of MizzLotte98's Bratz Next Top Model.
  • Brittney Layne's real name is Haley.

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